Some Rules for Thinking Out Loud

What you'll find here is a notebook, full of drafts, incomplete ideas, and speculations. I think those are important to record, and they can offer a lot of value. But I don't want to bore anyone; so, here are the rules I'm laying out for myself:

  1. Each post should be 500 words or less.
    (Anything longer should be a multi-part series, or is in need of some good editing.)

  2. Keep things simple; don't over complicate.

  3. If I'm being critical, I must offer positive alternatives.

  4. If I'm reacting positively, I must expand on that with speculation or extrapolation... an exercise of the imagination. Why is it positive and/or awesome? What possibilities can we imagine?

  5. Try to post once a week.

Hopefully, this will keep things going quick.

Signing off,